Her Mouth Is Full of Wisdom; Kindly Teaching Is on Her Tongue.

Proverbs 31:26

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About Nicole, The Heart & Mind Behind Motherhood Truth

Nicole is the heart and mind behind Motherhood Truth, continually strives for Proverbs 31, and works to inspire moms to persevere through complex challenges, embrace life's chaotic moments, reconnect with God, and cherish time with their kids.

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The story of

Nicole Graber

I lost my health and Naval career, leading me down a very dramatic life path filled with isolation, loneliness, homelessness, suicidal ideations, and hopelessness. I begged God if he could hear me, to end my suffering. A year later, following intuitive guidance, I healed 13 chronic autoimmune and neurological disorders 100% naturally. Today, I continue serving as a beacon of hope, inspiring coach, wife, mother, and writer.

Join me on a journey, relearning who you truly are as a capable Christian, wife, mom, caretaker, and woman.

It's time to ditch what's become conventional, get back to basics, submerge yourself in ingratitude, and love your life as you follow God.


Why the Peony?

I chose the peony because it symbolically carries aspects of motherhood, including compassion, good luck, prosperity, bravery, honor, and happy marriage.

The peony, like a mother, is very versatile and nurturing. The peony’s roots, seeds, and flowers have a rich history of being used in herbal medicine for everything from headaches to asthma, epilepsy, eczema, and even to soothe pain during childbirth. Peony flowers have been used in many natural perfumes, and are also edible, often used in desserts, jams, or lemonade garnishes.

My Featured Books

Nicole's Story

Never be afraid to live your life on your own terms and follow God's lead, even if no one else understands.

– Nicole Graber

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My Story: From Broken To Unstoppable

Transforming A Broken Body & Life Into An Unstoppable, Unconventional Force

Perspective is everything. You are more capable than you think. God is with you.

Sometimes it doesn't feel this way, but I promise you, life isn't out to get you, and there are valuable lessons through the struggle.

But… I Didn't Always Feel This Way…

During my 6 years in the Navy, I spent 8 months serving in the Middle East, which came to a screeching halt after my medical evacuation back to the US in 2005 with the sudden onset of chronic autoimmune problems and a seizure disorder. For the following 8 years, I endured complex partial seizures, acute muscle weakness, demyelinating polyneuropathy, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, tachycardia, hypotension, adrenal fatigue, MS, short-term memory loss, debilitating anxiety, depression, chronic migraines, insomnia, Raynaud's, hair loss, difficulty focusing/learning, chronic bronchitis, Traumatic Brain Injury, and failed suicide attempts. I was told at 26 to prepare to not live past 30 and to embrace any type of mobility because that would soon be lost.

I lost my career… endured homelessness… and lost hope of ever having a “normal” or satisfying life. My mindset was fully engulfed in everything that was “wrong” compared to how I envisioned my life. All my life dreams and goals were crushed. I had no motivation… I lost friendships… I lost my faith… I lost myself…

To pour salt in my wounds, while being fitted for crutches to help me walk (the kind that grips the upper arm), I saw an obese veteran strapped to a machine that bicycled his legs for him, unable to move his legs on his own. He watched me stumble with a tear running down his face as I paced the room with a team of technicians analyzing my every step. He told me that I looked like him not 5 years ago. I prayed to God, begging Him to end my suffering by whatever means possible. I made a deal with Him that if he kept me alive, I would shout from the mountains and never stop using my story to inspire others to heal “incurable” ailments and overcome “impossible” life seasons using His guidance.

Then, after countless prayers and begging God to end my suffering while questioning why He allows so many people to suffer so severely… my life again turned upside down. My neurologist prescribed a new anti-seizure medication, resulting in life-threatening reactions that forced me to the emergency room with liver failure and pancreatitis. After that, I followed my strengthening intuitive nudges and spent an hour talking to my neurologist about the possibility of trying natural methods, including functional nutrition, herbalism, or aromatherapy, to help control or ease my ailments. He said taking the natural healing route would kill me faster than my condition, and melodramatically laughed until I left his office. I tried it anyway, feeling strangely comfortable despite limited research backing up my idea and my neurologist's warnings, and also feeling ok with my life ending if he was right. Long story short: seeking the natural lifestyle completely healed me.

Only one place those intuitive nudges could have come from – God.

Using nutrition or other plants as medicine and decreasing my toxin exposure at home provided my body with enough support and reduced enough of my body's chemical burden enabling me to experience a rapid healing process that turned my world upside down, and gave me a second chance at life, provided the family I never knew was possible and gave me purpose: to be a beacon light inspiring you as you walk through your darkness by seeking a deeper connection to God… to show you that with God, all things are possible… even “impossible healing.”

I am living proof of “miraculous healing” and am here to inspire and help you on your journey… whether you need proof it can happen or need help to make it happen… I'm here for you. More than anything, I’m grateful for my faith, my family, the people in my life, and my life. Without all these life experiences, I could have never become a loving mother, a skilled mentor, or have the impact I’ve inspired throughout other lives. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

What I'm up to Now…

I love every moment of my crazy life, playing with my two young “miracle” kids, snuggling with my two giant dogs, and enjoying time with my husband. I'm fully functioning without needing my wheelchair, walker, crutches, or cane (I gave them all away in 2018 to individuals who needed them in my community). I'm walking, jogging, hiking, dancing, creating, gardening, homeschooling, building things, rehabbing houses, building businesses… and loving every second of it. 

I'm passionate about creating work-from-home opportunities, earning several different streams of income that enable me to enjoy more time with my Loves, and have nothing holding me back from living the most fulfilled life possible.

My Current Projects Include:

Please send me a message if you are interested in working with me.

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Nicole Graber - as seen on

If you've read this long into my story… that tells me either you're intrigued with who I am, or you really like to read…

15 Things About Me

  1. So far, I've lived in 22 towns/cities within 12 US States and one foreign country. So far, Colorado has been my favorite, with Alabama being a close second.
  2. I survived (and actually enjoyed) living full-time in an RV for over a year with two large dogs and two young kids.
  3. Big dogs give the best hugs… we currently have a Rottweiler and a Newfoundland
  4. I had a horse growing up, and loved to barrel race alone and trail ride.
  5. So far, I've explored 6 foreign countries and 38 US states
  6. I love hibiscus, peony, Rose of Sharon, and rose flowers… especially when still living on their respective bushes.
  7. I have over 3,200 books in my digital library… because we move every couple of years and sometimes live full-time in an RV, keeping a physical book library hasn't been realistic. Someday I hope to have a physical library
  8. I love reading nonfiction books about history, science, natural wellness, and business, though I also enjoy the occasional historical fiction and old novels we read in our homeschool activities.
  9. Time in nature is my happy place… especially with mountains, a waterfall, or a river in view.
  10. I served 6 years as an information and research analyst in the US Navy. This is where I get my affinity for always seeking the truth and analyzing research.
  11. My favorite scripture to read comes from the 1611 version of King James and the Septuagint.
  12. INFP personality type
  13. Enneagram Type 4
  14. I love helping people use healthy lifestyle techniques to overcome health, weight, and mental wellness struggles
  15. I'm constantly engaged in strengthening my Faith and working on personal development