Growing your faith as a mom, while raising kids, taking care of your home, loving your husband, and finding your place amongst the chaos we call motherhood.

walk by faith

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight (+30 Bible Verses)

Believing in God with your whole heart and mind isn’t easy, requiring you to walk by faith, even when you can’t see how things will work out. In this article, we share 30 Bible verses and some examples to inspire you to walk by faith more often in your life.
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should christians use essential oils

Should Christians Use Essential Oils? What the Bible Says…

Essential oils are handy tools for healthy living practices. However, they’re also heavily marketed highlighting New Age uses. This begs the question: is it ok for Christians to use essential oils? The answer may be more complicated than you think.
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random acts of kindness

55+ Inspirational Random Acts of Kindness Ideas (Great for Kids!)

Being kind is much more than just being nice. It’s selfless, requires empathy, and has far more reaching effects than you may realize. Our busy modern world is riddled with hectic schedules, too many commitments, fast-paced movements, overwhelming circumstances, and impatience. Being so busy makes noticing anything outside of where you’re focused difficult, let alone …

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