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Her Mouth Is Full of Wisdom; Kindly Teaching Is on Her Tongue.


Finding Faith, Peace, Patience, and Purpose Through Timeless Biblical Traditions While Navigating Modern Living

There is a lot of chaos in this world. And the Christian worldview seems to be under attack at every turn. Motherhood Truth provides a Christ-influenced space to feel inspired and valued while honoring who you are as a Christian mom, serving God and your family the best you can.

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Hi! I'm Nicole, the Heart & Mind Behind Motherhood Truth

I'm here to inspire moms like you to persevere through complex challenges, embrace life's chaotic moments, reconnect with God, and cherish time with your kids.

Rediscover Yourself

Motherhood is disruptive in the best way possible. Bringing a child into this world completely turns your sense of self upside down, giving you new ways and inspiration to grow into the woman God intended you to be.

Use this complimentary journaling guide to help you recenter, reconnect, and take 52 curated scripture verses to a deeper level of understanding.

Guided prayer journal for moms