Thank you for your interest in being featured as a guest author on Motherhood Truth. Please note the requirements before submitting your request. If you have any questions, please email Nicole after reading this page.

Motherhood Truth Guest Post Requirements

If you're solely wanting to share your story, please ensure you proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Personal stories are requested to be over 800 words long.

  • Use a conversational tone, as if we are sitting together having a discussion.
  • Share a story about finding your faith, healing your body and/or mind, discovering natural wellness, managing your home, homemaking, homesteading, or welcoming a new family member. If you have a different story to share, please feel welcome to submit a request (must be Christian-friendly… any topic that doesn't align with the Christian faith will be rejected). Our readers love inspirational lifestyle posts.
  • If you choose to add scripture (which we highly encourage), please use one of the following translations: YLT, KJV, DARBY, ASV, or WEB. These translations are in the public domain and can be quoted without copyright infringements. Doing so will help us speed up our editing time and publish your article faster.

If you're requesting to submit a guest blog post, we have a set list of standards to help detail your post, have a greater chance of being found on search engines, offer you more referral traffic, and provide more value to our readers.

  • Minimum word count for guest posts: 600 quality words… no fluff
  • Maximum word count for guest posts: 3,000 quality words.
  • Your primary keyword/topic must remain within the healthy lifestyle niche and be aligned with Christian values. This could include: nontoxic cleaning, herbalism, natural wellness, home management, functional nutrition or recipes, non-alcoholic drink recipes or info, DIY or crafting projects, welcoming a new family member, supporting moms, homemaking, homeschooling, parenting, strengthening your marriage, gardening, homesteading…etc.
  • Aligning with the Christian faith means not promoting engaging in new-age elements, like crystals, yoga, reiki, spirit guides, etc. Posts containing these ideas will be rejected.
  • Edited for Grammar and written in English (I highly recommend Grammarly's Premium services)
  • Human-written and completely original, exclusive content not previously shared anywhere else. (We run scans to detect AI and plagiarism)

Please note… any contribution requests written on behalf of another entity or links to corporate websites will be treated as a sponsored post and invoiced appropriately.

Motherhood Truth Guest Author FAQs

How To Submit Your Article/Story:

There are 2 options you can choose from: filling out our form (below) or emailing Nicole.

Please send a link to your article as a Google Doc. Ensure you’ve set the Google Doc to “anyone with a link as an editor.” 

Note: not all posts will be accepted. Your post may be rejected or returned for edits if it contains poor writing/editing quality (bad English, poor grammar, takes more than an hour to optimize/edit according to our standards). If your post is accepted, there may be some changes before publishing to ensure it fits MotherhoodTruth's needs, branding, and consistency.

To Email Nicole:

Please connect with Nicole about your topic if you're not sharing a personal story or testimonial. Guest articles are preferred to be written in a Google Document, Proton Document, or Skiff Document, and then send the link to Nicole:
nicole @
(removing the spaces on either side the @)

If you decide to email Nicole instead of filling out the form below, let her know that you've read this page with the subject line “MT Guest Post Request” or “MT GPR” followed by your topic.

For example, Subject: MT GPR: My Story Defeating Postpartum Anxiety

Nicole deletes daily email requests from freelancers and content mills who often pitch horribly written posts. Keeping “MT GPR” in your subject line will catch her attention. If you found us through RankIQ, please let us know in the subject “RIQ Guest Post Request” or something similar.

Please keep your email short and to the point. If you found out about our guest posting opportunity from a Facebook group or blog post, please include that in your initial email. Also include your website (if you have one), the topic you're proposing (including Keyword Difficulty and Search Volume, if you're submitting a guest post… disregard if you're submitting a personal story).

Once your post request is submitted, please give Nicole 5 business days to review it and respond via email.

To Submit Your Post via Motherhood Truth's Online Form: