80+ Unique Practical Gifts To Give in 2023 (All Occasions)

Christmas is a special time for everyone, especially if your Love Language is gift-giving or if you have kids. Choosing a gift to give is often challenging, especially for those who are minimalist or seem to have one or two of everything. After asking the question in numerous groups, we've compiled a list of Christian-friendly practical Christmas gifts everyone will appreciate.

Be sure to communicate with the individual you're shopping for this holiday season. The “best practical gifts” will depend on who it is you're shopping for and what their interests are.

This list is separated into Physical Gift Ideas and Experience Gift Ideas, which don't just include gift cards. Numerous other moms agreed on all the ideas here, and I truly hope you find this list helpful and unique. Of course, staying true to my family values, all the items here are screen-free (no electronic devices, video games…etc).

Of course, these gift ideas aren't just for Christmas. They also work great for other seasons, including birthdays, housewarming, other special occasions, or just because you feel the pull to send someone you care about something nice.

Physical Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

Practical Pampering Gifts

There are an overwhelming number of choices regarding what to gift to a friend or loved one. While practical and pampering don't always seem like they'd be synonymous, there are a few luxury items that are also very useful.

  1. Skincare Collection from GGlowry – homemade luxury (yet affordable) skincare items made in my herbalist friend's kitchen. Each item is created from hand-selected ingredients well researched to support your skin. This is the ONLY skincare I will use now (and I've used hundreds of “natural” brands) because it makes my skin feel and look better than it's ever been.
  2. Reusable shopping bags are perfect for folding up and storing in a purse or in a car. I've used these for more than 10 years (the same set) and love them.
  3. Solar-chargable lantern with the option to dual function as a small-device USB charger is also a fantastic practical gift option, especially if the person you're shopping for lives in an area that experiences frequent electricity shortages or natural disasters that knock out power. My family loves using these when we go camping.
  4. Customizable Magnetic Jewelry that looks great, is mostly inexpensive, and helps reduce the impact EMFs have on your body. I have a few sets of these interchangeable jewelry necklaces and bracelets, and love them. You choose a base, and a “tude” that uses magnets to stay together. To make shopping easy, check out their boxed sets.
  5. Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, or earrings) are great options for those who enjoy essential oils. They use felt pads or porous stones to hold the oil. Just a couple of drops of essential oil lasts for a few days.
  6. EMF Harmony has jewelry, smartwatch, and other home options that help to reduce the harmful effects of EMFs on your family.
  7. DefenderShield offers numerous options for reducing EMF emissions in your home, including faraday cages, phone cases, wallets, bags, wallpaper…etc. If you're shopping for someone who is health-conscious, these items would be greatly appreciated.
  8. A bag or box of their favorite snacks, healthy chocolates, or fruit (my parents used to add delicious freshly picked oranges to our stockings)
  9. New organic cotton bedding or a handmade quilt (extra special if you make one for them)
  10. A complete first aid kit to keep at home or in the car
  11. Easy storage solutions

While it isn't necessarily a pampering gift in the traditional sense, I do LOVE this fully customizable planner. It feels professional, and has over 100 different ways to get organized, including inserts for day, week, month, faith, meal prep, fitness, wellness, appointments, homeschooling, and so much more. I have personally found it to be very practical and useful. This year, it is my number one go-to for practical gift ideas, especially for fellow work-from-home and homeschooling moms.

Useful Gifts for in the Kitchen

I'm a firm believer that the best Christmas gifts are those that serve to provide some sort of utility benefit. My husband often comes up with brilliant ideas for gifts that save me time, hand strength, and sanity, especially in the kitchen. If your loved one or friend enjoys spending time in the kitchen, these gift ideas will surely please.

  1. Strawberry Huller (under $10.00) – excellent for processing strawberries and tomatoes and makes a great stocking stuffer.
  2. Reusable Ziploc bags – made with silicone, they reduce the trash you use while providing a healthy storage alternative to plastic… a great gift for those who are environmentally conscious or seeking to create a healthier home.
  3. Reusable Beeswax Food Coverings are another great way to reduce single-use plastics, honoring those who are environmentally conscious or seeking to create a healthier home. It makes a great replacement for plastic wrap, and being made from beeswax, its able to be composted when no longer usable.
  4. Food Processor is very helpful for those who enjoy time in the kitchen. The Ninja blender combo also has a food processor attachment. I have both
  5. Cherry Pitter is another wonderful inexpensive stocking stuffer idea
  6. Silicone Oven Mits are great because they don't wear out as fast as cloth ones do
  7. Silicone Pan Liners are perfect for families wanting to make cleaning easier without using aluminum foil or other pan liners that could leach into your food
  8. Silicone Kitchen Mats to keep a non-slick food-prep space (especially helpful for canning, protecting granite countertops, and making clean-up much more manageable)
  9. VEVOR Commercial Chopper to help save hand strength and speed up meal prep time
  10. Vitamix Blender
  11. Immersion Blender – my husband gifted this to me when we lived in an RV, and it is fantastically helpful! I still use it all the time.
  12. Sauce Master – to turn fruits and veggies into purees, soups, sauces, and juices. It automatically separates the fiber and juice.
  13. Freeze Dryer – these are more expensive ($2k+), but the foods processed in them last for 25 years and don't lose their taste.
  14. Excalibur Dehydrator – much more economical than a freeze dryer, but also very handy for preserving food, making chips, and making other treats.
  15. Box of beef, or other meat, from a local farmer
  16. Fruit Juice Steamer – pasteurizes juice as it comes out of the fruits or veggies
  17. Ove Glove – great all-purpose oven mitt (especially helpful for opening jars too)
  18. Large Roasters are perfect for simplifying cooking, gathering broth, and better-coordinating meal cook times. This cuts down the frustrations in the kitchen when not everything on your menu fits in the oven simultaneously or you want to take your cooking to a park, potluck, or somewhere else outside your home.
  19. New cookbooks are always useful. My favorite one for baking is Clean Eating with A Dirty Mind, which has all paleo dessert recipes (perfect for those you love who are health-conscious)
  20. Kitchen Aid attachments, like a meat grinder, grain mill, pasta maker, ravioli maker, shredder, juicer, or spiralizer.
  21. Vacuum Sealer for sealing and storing foods (great for the freezer or keeping bugs out)
  22. Apple Peeler, Corer, and Slicer Combo Tool – don't go too cheap with these… the more inexpensive ones are Chinese imitations that bend after a few hours of use.

Supplies and Tools for Canning

Canning items are some of the most unique gifts you can find. If your friend or loved one enjoys canning foods, there are a few great items you can bless them with:

  1. Ball Sure Tight Band Tool – to help with perfectly tightened canning seals
  2. Pry-a-Lid Cap Lifter – great to help remove caps off of home-canned goods
  3. Canning Funnel to help fill jars
  4. Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers – useful for storing dry foods
  5. Electric Canner
  6. Ball jars or extra lids
  7. Canning Kit with all the tools someone needs to make canning easier
  8. Canning salt (non-iodized salt), alum, pectin, or favorite seasoning
  9. Canning Lid Rack
  10. Fermentation Kit (or choose one like this that burps itself)
  11. Fermentation Crock
  12. Vacuum Sealer Jar Attachment
  13. Build a canning storage rack (ideally strong enough to handle storing full jars)

Practical Gifts for Gardening

Gardening is becoming increasingly popular, especially with rising food costs and the growing trend where we all notice produce from the store not lasting as long as it used to. Supporting your loved one's gardening intentions or hobby is a great way to show you care.

  1. Provide a bag or two of organic potting mix
  2. Seed kits
  3. Seed starting kits
  4. Compost bins are perfect for gardeners (or anyone wanting to reduce waste). My favorite one for outside is the barrel that you can easily rotate, though my boys are obsessed with the composting option that uses earth worms. There are also sleek compost bins made in a way that isn't smelly, and that can be kept inside in the kitchen.
  5. A “Garden Kneeler” makes a perfect practical gift for gardeners because it helps to save their knees or gives them a bench to sit on, depending on their needs. It also has two handy pouches for making garden tools more handy to grab and easier to find than setting them in the grass. There's even one for beginner gardeners that has gardening tools included.
  6. Cute pots with built in drainage to plant indoor plants or a useful herb garden
  7. Garden Tower is a self-composting tall garden container that houses 40+ plants. It is perfect for patio or indoor gardening. Even with having a larger yard, this tower is perfect for growing tea, flowers, and smaller veggies. You can even attach grow lights and tomato cages to it too!
  8. Honey Flow Beehive is a brilliant way to keep bees, offering a method of extracting honey without stressing the bees. I love using this because its more kid-friendly than other options, making my family more confident in keeping bees.

Practical Hobby-related Gift Ideas

Everyone has a hobby and loves receiving gifts to complement their hobbies.

If you have kids, something as simple (and fun) as a snow brick maker will provide hours of fun.

Not only do these items make thoughtful gifts, but using the subscription boxes yourself to make something by hand for someone is one of the most generous and appreciative things you can do.

Not sure where to start? Or know the person you're shopping for enjoys crafting, but not sure which kind? Start with the Creative Woman subscription box, which provides a fun monthly craft for something around the house complete with directions and supplies. You can cancel at any time with no obligation. Use the code SHARE50 for 50% off the first box.

DIY Holiday Ornaments monthly subscription is another great DIY gift box filled with supplies and directions for making homemade ornaments to use yourself or give away for holiday gifts.

Another great crafting kit option is the Farmhouse Decor monthly subscription (which can also be purchased for just one month). It contains everything needed for a home decor project with a farmhouse theme.

Needlework Subscription Box Gift Ideas

Whether the individual you're shopping for loves to knit, crochet, or sew, there are a variety of subscription boxes you can buy for them (or buy for you to make for them). Many of these subscription ideas can even be purchased for one month and cancelled.

Crocheting subscription box gift ideas
  1. Crocheting Striped Afghan subscription box is an 11-month series that provides all the materials and instructions for creating a gorgeous 30-striped crocheted afghan, with a variety of color schemes to choose from.
  2. Crochet Mandala Afghan subscription box is a 10-month subscription that provides the materials, designs, and instructions needed to create a gorgeous crocheted circular mandala afghan.
  3. Crochet Square of the Month subscription box is an 11-month program with materials and instructions included to create a gorgeous square-patched afghan. You're even able to choose which color scheme to use, customizing this crafting gift wonderfully.
  4. Love To Crochet subscription box provides the yarn and a pattern for a new fun design each month. From blankets to baskets to fun wearable items, there's always something new to create.
Knitting subscription box gift ideas
  1. Knitting Striped Afghan subscription box is an 11-month series that provides all the materials and instructions for creating a gorgeous 30-striped knit afghan, with a variety of color schemes to choose from.
  2. Knit Square of the Month subscription box is an 11-month program with materials and instructions included to create a gorgeous square-patched afghan. You're even able to choose which color scheme to use, adding a customized touch to your gift.
  3. Love To Knit subscription box provides the yarn and a pattern for a fun design each month. From clothes to blankets to practical items, there's always something fun to create. You can cancel at any time with no obligation.
  4. Knitting Socks monthly subscription box provides a monthly box of hand-dyed yarn with a complimentary pattern specific for the yarn. You can cancel at any time with no obligation.
Sewing & quilting subscription box gift ideas
  1. “Daydream” Quilt Block of the Month subscription box that sends materials needed to create one block each month for 10 months, followed by the rest of the materials needed to create a gorgeous blue queen-sized quilt.
  2. Holiday Quilt Block of the Month gives fabric and instructions for one block each month, followed by the rest of what is needed to finish the quilt. This fun holiday quilt, when finished, measures the same as a queen sized blanket.
  3. Seasonal Quilters monthly subscription sends monthly boxes with the pattern backing, binding and embellishments supplies included. Each month has a different theme, focused on that season or holiday.
  4. Fat Quarters” monthly subscription provides sheets of fabric for quilting or other sewing purposes. You can cancel at any time with no obligation. Use the code SHARE50 for 50% off the first box.
  5. Fabric Strip monthly subscription box, perfect for quilting or other sewing projects. You can cancel at any time with no obligation.
  6. Monthly Charming Fabric Subscription provides a monthly stash of fun fabrics along with some bonus designed to give inspiration on how to use them. You can cancel at any time with no obligation.

Paper Crafts Subscription Box Gift Ideas

Card Maker Kit monthly subscription is a perfect gift for those who love to scrapbook and create cards. Each month, it provides supplies and directions for 8-12 creative paper crafts with the ability to cancel as needed.

Fun Kid-related Subscription Box Gift Ideas

There are quite a few hobby kits specifically for kids, too (plus, they are fun to do with your kids). Many even provide a fun way to enhance STEAM knowledge (science, technology, engineering, art, math).

  1. Woodworking subscription teaches kids the basics of woodworking through sending monthly projects. These are my kids' favorites, and admittedly I enjoy them too. They're so much fun to do together as a family.
  2. The Genius Box provides 3 fun STEM-related projects for kids to do each month, plus all the supplies.
  3. BookRoo for your bookworms. This monthly subscription service is fantastic for kids who enjoy reading, providing a few books each month.
  4. Kiwi Crate offers several DIY, science-related, and crafting hobby subscription boxes for all ages. Some KiwiCo craft boxes teach an element of physics or engineering, while others help inspire children (and adults) with artistic creations.
  5. Eat2Explore is perfect for families who enjoy learning about faraway places by bringing them a monthly subscription box filled with recipe ideas to learn about foreign cultures.
  6. Think Outside monthly subscription box designed to last for up to 12 months, filled with goodies to make an adventure outside. It's perfect for kids who love to hike.
  7. Hobby classes: painting, pottery, sculpting, singing, music, dance, martial arts, cooking, sewing, gymnastics…etc.

There are so many different practical subscription boxes to look into for kids. Many even offer fun educational experiences (my favorite, as a mom)

Experience Gift Ideas

Experience gifts are great to give, especially to minimalists.

  1. Tickets for various events: concerts, train rides, sports games, ice skating
  2. Local (or long distant) visits to a national or state park
  3. Subscription to All Trails for finding unique and lesser-known places to hike (or use the free version to create a hiking bucket list)
  4. A trip to an amusement park, like Wisconsin Dells, Great Wolf Lodge, or Bush Gardens
  5. Local (or distant) museum tickets
  6. Horseback ride through trails
  7. Membership access to local zoos, museums, amusement parks, science centers…etc.
  8. Hot air balloon rides
  9. Rock climbing sessions
  10. Summer or winter family camp membership or fees
  11. Place spending money to use when going to special places inside balloons and blow them up

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practical christmas gift ideas
practical christmas gifts

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