why we ditched pure flix and what we chose to replace it

8 Christian-Friendly Streaming Alternatives to Pure Flix

As a long-time subscriber to Pure Flix, I never imagined the day would come when I would bid farewell to its wholesome content and family-friendly entertainment. However, after thorough consideration and numerous internal debates, I canceled my Pure Flix subscription. This was not a spontaneous or impulsive choice but a deliberate and calculated move prompted by my desire for more diverse and thought-provoking programming.

So, what am I using instead? Join me as I delve into why I departed from Pure Flix and explore the alternative streaming services that have captivated my attention with their innovative offerings.

Just a quick note… this is not a sponsored post. This article outlines my own personal research and journey in determining which streaming service to switch my family to when we became too dissatisfied with Pure Flix to continue our subscription. I receive no commissions or remunerations for detailing my choice, and I urge you to make your own informed decision.

Why We Cancelled Pure Flix

Cancelling Pure Flix wasn't an easy decision. I really do love most of the content, as do my kids.

What really pushed us to consider canceling our subscription was the technology. The app is installed on our Samsung TV, smartphones, and AppleTV devices, but it only works intermittently, at best (too often, it doesn't work at all).

For the year leading up to us canceling our membership, my kids would spend more time trying to get the app to work than they would spend actually watching anything. Sometimes, it was nice, giving us a segue to turning off the TV and finding something else to do in the physical world. At other times, especially when not feeling well, it was very discouraging to be unable to watch their favorite shows. It was disruptive enough that my husband and I also stopped using it in the evenings after the kids went to bed.

Overall, as time went on, the reliability of the app working for us continued to decrease. And a few months went by without us even turning it on.

Then, I learned Pure Flix was purchased by Sony, and honestly… I just don't trust Sony. And seeing other moms complaining about not-so-wholesome movies being loaded onto Pure Flix's inventory, I honestly started to wonder if Pure Flix will slowly be following in Netflix's footsteps.

Finally, I couldn't justify the continued expense.

After finding and testing out a few alternatives, I logged into my account and disabled my annual subscription renewal.

Pure Flix Alternatives My Family Considered

My requirements for Pure Flix alternatives included a large list of shows for kids, a focus on Christian values and Biblical truths, and educational documentaries from a Christian worldview. I honestly don't care about dramas or romances, as I don't feel those are appropriate to begin with, but I'm ok just scrolling past those options other viewers may want. I would, however, appreciate more sermons and bible studies integrated into the options.

I also need a program that is compatible with iOS, Apple TV, and smart TVs… because it doesn't make sense to invest in a program we can't readily use without needing a computer.

The options I found with exclusively Christian content and looked into include:

  • Christian Cinema
  • Crossflix +
  • Faithlife TV
  • Living Scriptures
  • Up Faith & Family
  • Yippee

I'll outline my personal experience looking into and trying out these 6 Pure Flix alternatives.

Reviewing Christian Cinema

Christian Cinema has a lot of shows and movies that are reminiscent of Hallmark. There is no cost to having the app downloaded, but you will pay per video you watch. There have been a few reviews I've come across where the app doesn't work on Amazon devices, but that isn't a big deal for us.

They do have a decent selection of documentaries, but nothing I really felt we needed in our homeschool routine.

My first impression is that we probably won't use it as much as I would like in order to justify the cost.

One thing I do like about Pure Flix more than Christian Cinema is the fitness section. Pure Flix offers a few shows for women working out at home.

Christian Cinema's list of fitness shows for women is solely focused on yoga, which is NOT Christian. If you're doing yoga as part of your fitness routine, I highly encourage you to read our article about why it may be time to stop.

Between all their fitness shows for women being yoga-based and their limited section of shows my family would be interested in (plus a complete lack of my kids' favorite shows), I stopped my search with them and decided to pass on Christian Cinema.

Reviewing Crossflix Plus

My initial review of Crossflix Plus was very short. They are only available through Roku (which we don't use) and on the computer. The website does not list what they make available to subscribers unless you sign up and log in.

I noticed their claim of having the largest collection of Christian and biblical-based shows and movies, so out of curiosity, I went through creating an account.

Signing up was free.

My first impression… I was put off by the website transitioning into partly Spanish (thankfully, I remember some from back in my college days, but still… when selecting “English,” the site should be in English).

I honestly don't know whether or not my initial sign-up is for a free trial (my Spanish isn't that good). I saw a forum where members asked how to cancel because too much is the same as what they watch on Pure Flix. I've also seen other reviews mention a $9.99 monthly subscription, but nowhere on the site did I personally see any monthly subscription info before or after signing up.

Looking through the menu, I'm able to access the various movies and shows. They have quite a long list of options, though my kids' favorites weren't included.

There are a lot of movies and show series that discuss the Bible and history. There's also a decent selection for kids. I didn't see anything that strikes me as yoga or new age influencing options, which is refreshing.

I'm not sure whether my kids would be interested in it, but I might do more exploring through the site when I have more patience to deal with a multi-lingual site.

But if you have Roku (or don't mind streaming on your web browser), it would be a great alternative to Pure Flix, and may be worth checking out.

Reviewing Faithlife TV

FaithLife TV offers a few shows to watch using a free account without signing up for the free Plus trial. They also have certain titles available for purchase.

For their Plus subscription, FaithLife TV gives you a 14-day free trial, then if you subscribe to the Plus subscription, you'll pay $5.99 per month. (As per February 2024)

I do appreciate seeing they have a “Kids Mode,” which is very helpful when we want to allow the kids to find something to watch during their already limited TV time.

They have some very intriguing history, sermons, Bible studies, and documentaries that look like the price would be worth investing in.

Reviewing Living Scriptures

Upon making a free account with Living Scriptures, which placed me in a free trail, I was prompted to select which type of Christian I am: Protestant, Evangelical, Catholic, Non-Denominational, or LDS.

To upgrade to a paid plan after the free trial, you'd need to spend either $9.99 per month or $96 for the yearly plan (which equals $7.99 per month). (As per February 2024)

In my profile, I saw an option for “Sunday approved” for either only Sundays or for the whole week, which eliminates secular shows from that profile's options.

Just making those choices felt very refreshing, knowing they're more likely to provide suggestions based on my faith.

Their website takes some getting used to. It isn't as easy to navigate as Pure Flix or Faithlife, but there are some good categories to choose from.

My first impression: I cringed a little at some of the shows that popped up. But toggling on that “Sunday approved” button for the whole week really helped narrow down what I'd be ok with my kids being exposed to. I just wish it didn't narrow down the options *that* much.

They do offer a few shows perfect for homeschooling, which is great.

Overall, I think Living Scriptures is a great short-term option. I don't see us using it for more than a year because of the limited options.

Reviewing Up Faith & Family

Up Faith & Family has a lot of titles that adults and teens would enjoy. When it comes to kids under 10, I don't feel they have much of an engaging selection.

They claim to be the “best in family entertainment,” which might be true. However, as a homeschooling mama, I'd appreciate more than just mindless entertainment. There does seem to be a heavy emphasis on romance and romantic comedies, which I'm not sure I have the time or energy to sift through to find something appropriate for our family.

Personally, I would love to see more diversity in the programs they offer, including educational enrichment topics, such as scientific documentaries, historical fiction or documentaries, skill-building shows, biblical studies, and maybe even something that would appeal to kids who love scouting (which might sound boring to some, but my family really enjoys them).

Overall, their entertainment programs are very similar to what you would find on Pure Flix.

Up Faith & Family offers a 14-day free trial, followed by a subscription plan. Their annual plan is $53.99, and their monthly plan is $5.99. (As per February 2024)

Reviewing Yippee

Yippee is easily among the top 2 Christian video streaming services that I see recommended in the mom groups I participate in. The top two I've seen recently recommended by real Christian moms are Yippee and Pure Flix.

They offer a 7-day free trial, then charge $7.99 per month or $49 per year (which breaks down to $4 per month).

If you follow them on Facebook, they periodically share subscription promotion codes (I used 2024Special for 20% off the first year, just in case we decide to keep it after our trial is over).

I really like the kid lineup of shows. They provide most of what we watched previously on Pure Flix, and have a few new options too. I also like the ability to play worship music through the app.

The biggest downside I see is the series they offer are often limited in number. For example, in a few shows (for example: Ryan Defraties and Superbook), Yippee only offers the first season, whereas Pure Flix offers multiple seasons.

Family-Friendly Pure Flix Alternatives – Not Exclusively Christian Content

A few streaming services offer a family-friendly lineup of shows and movies that aren't specifically centered around Christians, but may also be a decent alternative to Pure Flix.

I wanted to mention them here in case they're relevant to you.

  • BYUtv
  • Dove Channel

BYUtv Review

BYUtv has a lot of great, family-friendly shows, movies, sports events, etc, that are mostly friendly to Christians, depending on your convictions.

It is a free service, and you'll need to do your due diligence on knowing what you're turning on and whether it aligns with your values. It works with most streaming devices, including Amazon Fire, AppleTV, Chromecast, Google Play devices, Roku, various gaming consoles, and many smart TVs.

This isn't one that we will be using often, if at all (there is no app for it on my smart TV, but it is available on the AppleTV device), but it is nice to know there's access to some different content and older shows from pre-2000s.

Dove Channel Review

Dove Channel is a Christian-based media company, and has a lot of great shows (many oldies) that would be great for entertaining movie nights. It is very similar to PureFlix, though I felt a bit more limiting by comparison.

Dove Channel's prices start at $4.99 per month.

Honestly, I don't feel they meet our needs overall. Specifically, my kids weren't interested in what their kid section has to offer, and there was very little for me to get excited about wanting to watch too, so we decided to not use this one.

The Pure Flix Alternatives My Family Chose

It's not always easy to choose between streaming services, but it makes sense to only purchase what you will continue using.

My kids specifically asked to keep access to the old version of Veggie Tales and Superbook, so my priority on finding a streaming service included a kid's section with, at a minimum, videos similar to those.

Having already ditched Curiosity Stream, I really wanted something that could double as homeschool enrichment… so videos that included historical fiction, documentaries, science info, and engaging biographies would be ideal.

The streaming services we decided to try are:

  • BYUtv
  • Faithlife TV
  • Living Scriptures
  • Yippee

Just based on what we've seen using the free trial, and considering we don't watch a lot of TV in our home, for now we will be continuing with our Yippee subscription for the kids.

For now, we will also continue exploring the free versions of Living Scriptures and Faithlife TV and see if we use them enough to make them worth subscribing to. So far, in the week I spent writing this article, we didn't use either enough to justify the cost.

We will also explore BYUtv on occasion for our monthly family movie nights.

We might continue to use Crossflix+ occasionally through the computer in our family bible studies. I say *might* because, honestly, I'm a busy mom and often forget about things we have access to that aren't obvious in the forefront of our daily lives. My husband and I decided not to download and use Roku because of privacy concerns based on their terms.

Should You Cancel Pure Flix

Pure Flix has a great foundation with some high-quality Christian-friendly shows, but they have a lot of room for improvement, especially with being the most popular and well-known Christian streaming service (according to the mom groups I routinely engage in).

If you're on the fence as to whether or not to subscribe to Pure Flix, please sign up for their free trial and take time to really check it out, making sure you're satisfied with what they have to offer and determine whether the app works well for your devices.

If you're on the fence as to whether or not to renew your PureFlix subscription, check out the options I mentioned earlier (I'll list them again here), and sign up for their free trials (like I did) to test them out for yourself and see first hand which your family would be happier with.

Thank You!

Thank you for checking out my article about why we canceled Pure Flix and what we chose to take its place. I truly hope this article helps you in making a choice, whether it is to stick with Pure Flix, add another streaming service, or replace it like we did.

I'd love to hear about what decision you make! Did I miss one? Let me know in the comments or on our contact page! I'd love to learn about it!

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