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25+ Mom Bible Study Ideas, Devotionals, & Resources

Are you stuck trying to find time for bible study for just you as a mom? Too often, mom bible study sessions turn into family bible studies or your focus shifts to teaching your kids instead of focusing on God's wisdom.

The time you spend reading the Gospel should be sacred, where you can provide your undivided attention to Him, and shouldn't be sacrificed to other tasks with raising littles, preparing meals, or engaging in other wife and mother responsibilities.

Bible Study Ideas for Moms

Engaging in regular Bible study sessions is a way to gain spiritual insight and grow closer to God, whether you join a group or do it on your own. Bible studies can help you increase your knowledge of Scripture and develop your faith.

Simple Bible Studies for Moms

  1. Guiding Your Mama Heart by Ifeoma Samuel gives you a 9-day Bible study to help you navigate a busy world and focus on Biblical truths.
  2. Mom Set Free by Jeannie Cunnionis a 7-session study that empowers you to parent using God's wisdom so you can enjoy your children and life more than ever.
  3. Missional Motherhood is a 6-session study designed to expand your understanding of motherhood based on Scripture and recognize you're more than just a mom.
  4. Becoming MomStrong Bible Study: A Six-Week Journey to Discover Your God-Given Calling is a guided Bible study to encourage moms to develop a deeper relationship with God and answer life's tough questions.
  5. Never Alone Bible Study is a 7-session study that encourages you to invite the Holy Spirit into your life and home, transform your parenting style, and point your children to the love of Christ. This study guide contains personal study between sessions, discussion questions for group study, and leader helps.
  6. A Mom After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George. The book and study guide are designed to help you use a biblical perspective in parenting and life as a mother.
  7. God’s Wisdom for the Mother’s Heart by Bobbie Wolgemuth is an older Bible study that uses thought-provoking questions to help you grow as a woman and mom.
  8. Twelve Women of the Bible: Life-Changing Stories for Women Today by Lysa TerKeurst, Elisa Morgan, and Amena Brown is a 12-session study that looks at the spiritual lessons the 12 women from the Bible learned, and how we can apply those lessons to our lives today.
  9. Build Quiet Time With God by Michele from Sharing Life and Love is an 8-week Bible study focusing on Psalms that can be finished in as little as 15 minutes each day (perfect for busy moms). My favorite part of this Psalms study is Michele orchestrated this study to specifically serves as a step-by-step guide showing you how to cultivate daily quiet time with God instead of just listing verses.

Free Bible Studies for Moms

While I love to pay women for their time, knowledge, and wisdom, I also greatly appreciate those who provide their ministry without cost. There are a few free Bible studies for moms online that don't charge to participate.

  1. Psalms Bible Study: Learn How To Build Quiet Time with God by Michele of Sharing Life and Love walks you through building a lasting relationship with God by dedicating some quiet time with Him. This study is perfect for moms to embark on during the kids' nap time, independent play, or before they wake up in the morning.
  2. Intentional Bible Study for Overwhelmed Moms by Lee from Like Minded Musings provides 30 verses to focus on with a simple-to-follow system and free printables to help you push past feeling overwhelmed and intentionally inviting God into your mind and busy day.
  3. Living by Design offers several free Bible studies that span a variety of topics. While they aren't specifically “for moms by moms,” the topics and verses covered are valuable to use from your perspective as a mother.
  4. Learning to Hear His Voice by Ann Graham Lotz (Billy Graham’s daughter) is a free Bible study that includes video, printable pdfs, and other resources. 
  5. A Season of Sowing by Heather Kernick Carr is a free online study designed to facilitate your journey of getting closer to God. A Season of Sowing includes videos, daily scripture reading, prayer prompts, and a printable study guide with a prayer journal, all intended to bring you closer to God and His work in your life.
  6. Love God Greatly is a non-profit offering free online Bible study resources for women (translated in over 20 languages). Each study contains a supplement journal you can download for free or purchase a physical journal.
  7. Proverbs 31 Ministries, led by Christian Author Lysa Terkeurst, offers a variety of free online Bible studies. You are encouraged to purchase the accompanying books as a resource to maximize your study. In addition to the book, they also provide social media support and community groups to get the most out of the study.
  8. She Reads Truth offers podcasts, Bible reading plans, daily devotions, resources, and an app to help you “Be a Woman in the Word Every Day.” They also offer reading plans to use for family Bible study, and some just for kids too.

Quick Devotionals for Busy Moms

There are a few helpful books you can purchase or blogs you can read that provide quick devotionals for moms.

I love devotional books and website pages because they give me one verse to focus on throughout the day.

  1. Fruit of The Spirit Bible Study uses verses and commentary to help you exhibit love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in your home. This devotional focuses on WHY and HOW to pursue righteousness.
  2. Dear Mom is a 30 Day devotional series featuring scriptures, prayers, and affirmations, perfect for mothers craving a deeper relationship with God.
  3. Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood is an 11-week devotional study focusing on reflecting and getting closer to the Lord while learning how that action impacts the influence you leave on your children.
  4. Pressing Pause is a book that provides 100 short devotionals for moms written to help you pause and take a break from your daily hustle and routines to enjoy God’s presence.
  5. Hope for the Weary Mom provides 40 devotions for moms to take time with Jesus, bring him into your heart, and rest when feeling overloaded. Each devotion includes prayer, verses, and questions for reflection.
  6. 5 Minutes With Jesus: A Fresh Infusion of Joy by Sheila Walsh and Sherri Gragg offers short devotionals, personal stories, and examples moms can read in 5 minutes.

Additional Books and Resources for Moms To Study Biblical Truths

  1. Families Where Grace is in Place is a book by Jeff VanVonderen that helps you take a look at your relationship with God, your husband, and your children, providing graceful advice that is simple to apply, even when you're exhausted.
  2. Mama Bear Apologetics by Hillary Ferrer is an easy book to read, written by a mom for moms. It's designed to support you as a mom in gaining the confidence to teach your kids how to distinguish right from wrong using Biblical principles.
  3. First 5 Daily Bible Study app by Proverbs 31 Ministries provides reminders and helps you prioritize daily Bible study time.
  4. Women of the Word is a book designed to teach you how to study the Bible, and gain a deeper understanding of and relationship with God. Women of the World is a perfect choice if you have struggled with Bible studies in the past.

How Busy Moms Can Manage Time for Bible Studies

Being a busy mom, you know that finding time to study your Bible can be challenging to fit into your already packed schedule. But studying the Bible is essential in cultivating a deeper relationship with God and growing spiritually.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make Bible study more manageable for moms on the go!

For starters, try setting aside just five minutes each day to read your Bible. Or take advantage of slower moments in your day: 

  • In the morning, before your kids wake up, 
  •  During your kid's nap, 
  •  During established quiet time
  •  During your kids' independent play 
  •  If your kids can confidently read, schedule specific independent Bible reading sessions

Find a small window in your schedule to dedicate to your Bible and challenge yourself to stick with it!

Try to read only a portion of the book or chapter at a time. Instead, read the Bible in small segments or paragraphs so you don't feel overwhelmed by longer passages.

Network With Other Moms

A great way to stay on track is by finding an online or in-person group of like-minded moms who can provide accountability and support as you journey through Bible studies together.

Bible studies for moms are typically tailored toward your unique needs and interests. Look for classes online or locally where you can connect with other moms to discuss topics including motherhood, marriage, parenting challenges, or grief from a Biblical perspective. Connecting with other like-minded moms in a Bible study allows you to dive deeper into God's truth to gain greater knowledge and understanding of His teachings while having meaningful conversations with other women who have gone through or are enduring similar life situations. Plus, each session is filled with prayer and worship too!

Many churches or local mom groups hold bible study meetings where the kids can play together while the moms discuss Biblical lessons, meanings, and how to apply them to their current life seasons.

If you can't find one local, ask God to provide the courage and confidence to create one. Chances are there is another mom (or a few) in your area who would love to co-create a kid-friendly motherhood bible study.

Networking and spending time with other Christian moms also develops a valuable support system and provides opportunities to form friendships with other moms who share similar life experiences.

Making Time for God

Refrain from sacrificing your own wants and needs while raising your children. Doing so will only teach them to sacrifice their own needs, feeling it is noble and proper. Instead, allow them to see you build a relationship with God.

Don't wait until you're too exhausted to grasp the Lord's lessons.

Instead, work smarter: rearrange your daily tasks and create a schedule that will accommodate your ability to spend time in the Word.

Re-Evaluating Home Life To Make Room for God's Word

Historically, homes were not large. But today, houses are huge by comparison and take longer to clean.

In 2021, my family moved from a 2,800-square-foot five-bedroom house into a 400-square-foot two-bedroom RV. We spent a year living in that RV. While it brought unexpected life challenges, it also taught me significant life revelations, the primary one being to value our space. Surprisingly, while my kids missed having a dedicated playroom, we were happier living in a smaller space and regularly made more time for God as a family.

I would spend two or three days a week cleaning that large house while feeling it was never enough. In that house, I became addicted to time, always focused on the one resource I'd never get back. I thought I never had time for anything while my husband, kids, and dogs competed for what was left of my attention. I was kept so busy I never set up the garden I regularly dreamed and thought about and rarely made meals from scratch. I felt all that time I spent cleaning and organizing was wasted, especially when no one could tell the next day. All time that could have been better spent doing other things.

In the small camper, those several cleaning days turned into a few hours each week divided up to less than 30 minutes every couple of days. That time saved was spent outside exploring, homeschooling, reconnecting with my husband, and reading the Word of God.

While folding laundry, I'll also listen to a podcast to receive other perspectives.

Morning Habits

Start your day off right by adding bible study to your morning routine. Reading and contemplating Bible verses in the morning helps you begin your day with peace, purpose, and direction.

One way to approach this is to pick a book of the Bible and read it in its entirety over several weeks or months. Not only will it deepen your understanding of God's Word, but it will also provide daily inspiration for how to live out His commands. 

Another option is to set aside time each morning for a short devotional reading or a devotional journal prompt.

Many online or in-print options offer meaningful introspections on passages from Scripture accompanied by thought-provoking questions for further reflection. This approach allows you to focus on different topics such as prayer, faithfulness, forgiveness, love, and more on any given day.

One of my favorite morning habits is reading from a devotional or the next chapter in my Bible while sipping tea. If you're looking for good ideas in the morning, my friend, Kristina Risinger, shares her morning studies with her Coffee with the King posts on Facebook and Mighty Networks.

Evening Habits

Adding bible study to your evening routine can be a great way to end the day, providing spiritual reflection and growth opportunities. Ending your day reading your Bible allows you to focus on your values and beliefs, setting you up for more restful sleep. 

It's easy enough to set aside some time each evening for bible study, no matter how busy you may be. Here are some tips to get started: 

Start by setting aside 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time before bed. This will allow you to go through your daily devotional without distractions or interruptions so that you can focus on God's Word. 

Once you've established a routine, select a Bible translation that speaks directly to your needs and interests. I love changing which translations to read because it gives you different perspectives on the original meanings.

Plus, reading renditions like Da Sower, the Hawaiian Pidgin translation, always makes me smile, especially during rough days.

Homeschooling With the Bible

Family Bible study sessions is a great way to add something new and meaningful to your kids' educational routine. It's important to remember that incorporating Bible study into your curriculum should be done in an age-appropriate manner and with an open discussion. 

If you're looking for ideas on how to make Bible study more exciting and engaging for your kids, plenty of resources are available.

Websites such as Bible Study Tools or Easy Peasy Homeschool offer free online lessons that can supplement what is taught at home.

If you haven't yet, consider joining a local church or Sunday school program, which provides an opportunity to learn alongside other children in the same age group.

Additionally, purchasing children's Bibles or having them read aloud from a storybook version of popular stories can help keep younger kids engaged while learning about Scripture. My kids' favorite easy-for-beginner-readers Bible is the Action Bible.

Re-Evaluating Your Schedule

Schedule Regular Bible Breaks

Looking back at the teachings I received as a child, my mom was always too busy to do anything. Yet, she always had time for work and dedicated her evenings to watching TV while unwinding before bed. She never took breaks and was always exhausted and unfulfilled. The primary lesson I learned from watching her was to value time.

Spiritual training can only be accomplished today with the time to study, whether independently, together, or both. As children grow, give them the space and encouragement to read God's Word every night. You want to help your child gain the confidence and habit of learning to read Scripture alone.

As your kids grow older and more confident reading their Bibles by themselves, you can reclaim this time to dedicate to your biblical studies.

Redefine Your Hobbies

Most people don't think of scrolling through social media on their phones or watching TV as hobbies, but they are.

A hobby, by definition, is “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.”

Empower yourself to ditch unhealthy hobbies and reclaim that time immersed in Scripture or reading through your family bible together with your husband.

Make Bible Study Your Favorite Hobby

Bible study can be an exciting and rewarding hobby. It provides the opportunity to read God's Word, explore it in depth, and discover new meanings in familiar passages.

Most people sit and watch TV in the evenings or the morning, whether to watch something fun or to catch up on the news. Instead, use that time to open your favorite family Bible and immerse in the Word of God.

Benefits for Moms to Independently Study the Bible

Bible study can be a powerful tool to deepen your faith and understanding of Scripture. It has the potential to help you gain insight into difficult passages, learn new perspectives, and strengthen your relationship with God.

A consistent bible study routine provides an opportunity for deeper engagement with Scripture. Through thoughtful examination of the text and discussion among peers, readers have the chance to form unique interpretations that reflect personal experiences and beliefs. Studying in this way helps people gain a better understanding of Scripture as well as develop stronger relationships with other members of their church or Bible study group.

Reading Scripture on one's own also has its advantages.

When you immerse your mind in consistent bible studies, you will be rewarded with several benefits. You:

  1. Grow closer to God
  2.   Position yourself to confidently teach your kids God's wisdom
  3.   Grow your wisdom
  4.   Grow your faith
  5.   Receive the fruits of the spirit
  6.   Strengthen your marriage
  7.   Enhance your mental and spiritual health
  8. Reduce your stress and anxiety
  9.   Create the habit of finding additional ways to incorporate or contemplate Biblical lessons throughout your day

Studying the Bible as a Family

Studying the Bible together as a family can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Doing so together offers meaningful opportunities to grow in faith, build relationships with one another, and foster spiritual development. By studying Scripture together, you create a safe space to openly discuss complex topics and learn valuable lessons from the stories applied to your life and family dynamic.

Studying the Bible as a family should complement your personal time with God, not replace it.

Scheduling regular Family bible study sessions is a great way to teach your children to trust God, create healthy habits, and deepen your own understanding of Scripture.

Involve Your Husband, Allowing Him To Lead Family Bible Study

Many couples struggle to decide who should take the lead when leading a family Bible study session. You and your husband have different strengths and personalities that may amplify Scripture's lessons and make them more personalized to your lives. But allowing your husband to lead can be a rewarding experience for both of you!

Allowing your husband to take the lead doesn't mean you can't contribute by sharing your perspective and experience. Allowing him to lead means you honor and respect his leadership role in your relationship and family. 

You may be surprised at how your husband's perspective can bring new insight and greater depths into the Bible verses you're reviewing. He may have ideas or stories you haven't heard before, which will help you learn more about God's Word. By allowing him to take charge, you show respect for his leadership capabilities, encourage him in his faith journey, and openly value your relationship.

Before beginning any Bible study together as a couple or as a family, make sure you sit down and discuss expectations and goals.

Discuss Your Scripture Revelations With Your Husband

Discussing Scripture and what it might mean for personal growth and your relationship helps to strengthen your marital bond. It's important to openly communicate what God is teaching you and allow Him to speak through you to each other.

Here are some tips on how to go about discussing scripture with your husband.

First, ensure both of you agree to share scriptures and interpretations before jumping into the conversation. Establishing an atmosphere of mutual understanding helps keep the conversation peaceful and prevents controversial or defensive content.

Instead of just presenting the facts from a book or sermon, explain why something was meaningful and applicable to each of your lives so that both of you can benefit from the discussion equally.

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