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Do Lifewave Patches Really Work? – A Natural Mom Review

Lifewave. You've heard of these little patches marketed to unlock your body's potential with anti-aging, pain relief, cellular repair and renewal, and an alternative source of healing. But that begs the question: Do Lifewave patches really work?

That question bugged me for a few months, until I finally had an opportunity to try them and test it out for myself.

Quick disclaimer: the Lifewave patches discussed in this post were purchased by me. This article and the products mentioned were not sponsored or compensated in any way.

What Are Stem Cell Patches?

In the context of Lifewave, the stem cell patches are small circular patches you can stick on your skin or your clothes that activate peptides in your body that work with your body's existing stem cells to assist in your wellness, inflammation reduction, and anti-aging needs.

Do Lifewave Patches Really Work? (My Family's Personal Testimonial)

I was really skeptical… I literally spent a year rolling my eyes at the idea of magic stickers providing any help to what my family needed. But then our circumstances changed with my husband's liver disease diagnosis and my thyroid struggles. At the same time, the testimonies I watched couldn't be ignored. So, we gave them a try, not expecting to see any results. I really thought it was mostly a placebo effect (which should be celebrated). But, as time went on, curiosity got the best of me, and we made an order.

The first few nights, I didn't notice much. But after that, using it 12 hours a day for a week, I noticed on the days I didn't sleep much, I still had energy and cognition enough to handle homeschooling, cleaning the house, caretaking for a dog on hospice, and helping my husband. It wasn't a huge ordeal, but it was enough to make me pause for thought.

After a few months, I realized my nails weren't so brittle. I used to chronically pick at them, but suddenly I couldn't, nor were they routinely breaking as usual. I also noticed around then that my body was detoxing much easier, something I really struggle with as someone with MTHFR mutations.

Around this time, I also noticed my immune system strengthening, especially being out and about with kids during changing weather, surrounded by others with sneezing, sniffles, and coughs.

While there were not many massive immediate results for me, the gradual results were enough for me to convince my husband to try them (I'll give more updates as we go).

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lifewave patches

How Do Lifewave Patches Work?

Lifewave patches serve as targeted reflectors. They reflect your body's own infrared emissions in a manner that triggers activating your GHK-Cu peptides.

GHK-Cu is a peptide that occurs naturally in your blood's plasma. At age 20, you have approximately 200 ng/ml GHK-Cu in your plasma. By age 60, that level drops to approximately 80 ng/ml.

Why is GHK-Cu a big deal? It promotes wound healing, attracts immune cells, provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycan production, and promotes blood vessel growth. It also can modulate how a large number of genes are expressed, often reversing them to a healthier state. 

In addition to the above-mentioned effects, when your GHK-Cu peptides are activated, they communicate with your body's naturally produced stem cells that go to work on helping your body detox and heal.

To learn more from the founder and inventor of Lifewave patches, watch his X39 webinar video on YouTube:

Are Lifewave Patches Safe?

Absolutely. These patches are non-transdermal, meaning nothing is absorbed into your body.

The one thing I don't like is the adhesive because my body is allergic to tape adhesives. However, you can wear these patches attached to your clothes or in a pocket, so there is no need to stick anything directly to your skin (which I greatly appreciate).

Lifewave Stem Cell Patch Ingredients

Lifewave offers a range of products with different active ingredients, so it’s important to check the specific product you’re interested in to see what ingredients it contains.

However, Lifewave’s most popular products are their phototherapy patches, which use light frequencies to stimulate specific points on the body. According to Lifewave, the patches are designed to stimulate the body’s natural energy and healing processes.

Each patch contains organic nanocrystals in a proprietary and patented formation.

Each patch contains different proportions of combinations of amino acids, water, stabilized oxygen, sugars, and salts that form different crystal lattice structures.

The patches are activated using your body’s naturally produced light frequencies, specifically infrared. Each patch reflects that light. Because of the different structural patterns, each patch reflects a different frequency of that infrared back into your body, activating the production of specific useful and beneficial peptides (GHK-Cu) that, in turn, activate different pathways in our bodies for long-term better health and function.

The process is called photobiomodulation, or “light therapy,” which essentially means light creating change in the body.

Lifewave Patch Side Effects

The patches are latex-free and non-transdermal. They are completely free of drugs, chemicals, or stimulants and do not interfere with medication since nothing goes into your body. The patches simply reflect back the wavelength of light emitted from our body.

There are two types of patches: transdermal and non-transdermal.

Transdermal patches have chemicals in them that are released onto your skin to be absorbed into your bloodstream. As with anything else placed on your skin, your body absorbs it in under a minute, allowing the chemical to circulate through your circulatory system.

LifeWave's patches do not release anything into or onto your body, and can even be worn on your clothes if your skin doesn't do well with adhesives. Because of this, there are specific patch side effects outside of whether or not your skin can handle adhesive.

However, metabolic changes have been reported with using these patches, which means you could experience detox symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, abdominal discomfort, etc.

In my own personal experience as a natural wellness advocate who endured natural healing in the past and is seriously sensitive to metabolic changes and chemicals, I did not personally experience any negative side effects when testing out these patches.

The best way to help mitigate these symptoms is to increase your hydration. By drinking more water, you help flush out any yuck your body is purging so it doesn't affect you negatively.

LifeWave Patch Patents

LifeWave Patch Clinical Studies

Is Lifewave an MLM?

Yes, LifeWave does operate as a multilevel marketing company. Why? Because it is an efficient method to market compared to alternative advertisement methods.

With rising costs of supplies, employee salary needs, and other overhead expenses, it makes sense for companies to reduce their marketing costs to only pay for actual sales, unlike more traditional methods of marketing.

Most companies spend 50% or more of their business costs on marketing. Traditional marketing methods include advertisements, which must be paid whether a purchase is made or not.

Affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing, direct sales, and other terms describing commission-based sales happen when the marketing person is paid a commission from the sale.

Paying a marketer a commission percentage per sale essentially requires a company to spend only its marketing budget when a sale is made. Plus, sales tend to happen more when personally recommended, whether the one recommending a product is paid or not. Adding additional compensation levels in the multilevel plan incentivizes marketing trainers to make their recruits more efficient at selling, increasing sales as marketers build marketing teams instead of competing against each other.

LifeWave employs a weekly binary multilevel marketing structure with specific requirements for commission eligibility. This gives marketers the potential for a much higher and faster success rate.

With the founder of LifeWave also being the inventor of LifeWave's patches, they offer a unique product to the wellness industry, further providing intrigue and dedication from their marketing teams.

Are Lifewave Patches FDA Approved?

Lifewave patches are FDA-recognized. Specific approval is not required because they aren't a drug and are non-transdermal (meaning nothing is being placed into your body).

FDA Warns Consumers About Stem Cell Therapies

According to the FDA, “the only stem cell-based products that are FDA-approved for use in the United States consist of blood-forming stem cells (hematopoietic progenitor cells) derived from cord blood.” They also [rightfully] voice concerns about companies conducting therapies and experiments without proper approval and review.

While I agree that stem cell therapies should be well studied and regulated, looking at what these “stem cell activating patches” do, I'm not convinced they align with the definition of “stem cell therapy.” Why? Because these patches aren't supplying your body with stem cells that aren't already there. You're not being injected with or absorbing anything through your skin.

So, while this is a valid warning, it does not apply to this particular application.

Why? Because the warning is for stem cell therapy. LifeWave's patches are classified as phototherapy.

Lifewave Patches Pros and Cons

The benefits list of using Lifewave patches are quite substantial.

There's no doubt there are some impressive clinical studies (as mentioned earlier), and testimonials ranging from skin health to rapid wound healing to overall wellness improvements. But I haven't heard any complaints.

I have heard a few people mention they didn't notice any immediate results, but like me, after a couple of months, they slowly started noticing feeling sluggish less and being more physically capable. 4 months later, using an x39 patch most days, my chiropractor took a follow-up x-ray of my back to find it had mostly straightened (from bad scoliosis diagnosed 6 months prior) without any other intervention besides monthly adjustments I've been receiving for 7 years.

So, the patches might not suddenly make you feel like a light switch activated into amazingness, but over time, they do work with your body to provide aid where you need it, even if where you need it isn't something you suddenly notice. Healing is gradual, so don't expect any “wow” moments within minutes.

The con: honestly… I feel like the biggest downsides to LifeWave's products are price and the potential for the product to become an idol.

However, I've noticed a common trend among LifeWave X39 patch users: they save money by no longer needing most supplements. And to me, having a sensitive body, quickly developing “pill fatigue,” and being fully aware of the corruption and contamination within the supplement industry, I'm all for finding unique methods to increase wellness naturally without popping pills.

Lifewave also offers a means to participate in affiliate marketing, which helps to offset the cost. You can share info about the patches and other products with others and receive a modest commission for purchases made through your link and your team. Receiving enough commissions doesn't take much to cover your future patch expenses. Doing so makes this product more attainable to average individuals, which is especially helpful in a flailing economy.

Are Lifewave Patches Compatible With Christian Values?

This is a very personal question that greatly depends on your personal convictions.

One aspect of the company that I truly love is Dave, the founder, routinely quotes scripture and gives the glory of his invention to God. He also unapologetically discusses the inspiration and driving force of his patch inventions (and formulation of other products) as inspired directly by God through his faith.

However, lessons learned from diving deep into the Book of Lamentations begs the question: is this secular? Like any aspect of natural health, it is very easy for New Age concepts and Eastern Medicine to creep their way in when they really don't need to.

With products like these patches, you need to realize the patch isn't what is healing you. It is an accessory that aids in specific bodily functions using the same features God created in you. When used in that capacity, I'm not sure how different they are from using supplements or herbalism.

Again, this largely depends on your conviction. If the Holy Spirit convicted you by placing on your heart to heal through prayer and deepening faith, then follow where you're being led.

Having the right mentorship team with LifeWave is essential… too many argue the Christian worldview in the name of “science,” which I definitely don't appreciate.

Are Lifewave Patches Worth Buying?

Are they required to help your wellness goals? No.

Are they helpful? Yes.

I feel that they are worth continuing to use, as I'm seeing more results with them over time.

Whether or not you should use them is a very personal decision. There are other modalities to maximizing wellness, but in a toxic world, I do strongly feel that we should be doing what we can to assist our bodies in handling the toxic load.

Where to Purchase Lifewave Patches

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your own body? Head to Lifewave's website and order one of their X39 packs to get started. I highly recommend using those for at least 2-3 weeks before adding any other patches. When you're ready to add more, I'd suggest the X49 or Glutathione. I use all 3 regularly, and truly feel the difference when I don't.

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