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Ultimate List of Podcasts for Christian Moms

Podcasts are a great way to bring more faith-based content to your day, immersing your mind in God's Word. They help inspire, uplift, and remind you who you are as a Child of God. On this page, we'll uncover the ultimate list of podcasts for Christian moms.

Why Do Christians Listen to Podcasts?

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As a homeschooling mom, I value centering my children's homeschool activities and curriculum around the Christian worldview. They thrive more, argue less, are more helpful around the house, and have less anxiety when God and Jesus's teachings are more prevalent throughout our day. Through this journey, I've noticed the same: I feel better mentally, spiritually, and physically when I spend more time immersing myself in God's word.

As a busy mom, finding time to read the Good Book can be challenging, especially when managing the home, cooking healthy meals, raising kids, caring for family pets, navigating wife responsibilities, and caring for other family needs.

… my yoke is easy, my burden is light…

Thankfully, heavy burdens on your heart often disappear as you firmly rest on Jesus. I also learned recently that I could listen to encouraging audiobooks for Christian mothers that help me keep my mind in a place that is right for me during my busy life.

16 Benefits of Listening To Faith-Based Podcasts

You might have heard of podcasts and have friends recommend them to you. I'm sure you'd find the advantages of watching or listening to a podcast interesting.

  1. Improve your Biblical literacy and spiritual health

  2. Less time looking at a screen

  3. Learn or receive support while working on other things (like folding the laundry or snuggling your little one)

  4. Take your continuing education through podcasts while you move around, travel, or run errands.

  5. Listen to expert opinions that align with your faith, morals, and values

  6. Support a small business that aligns with your faith, morals, and values

  7. Model to your children the value of prioritizing and continuing to learn

  8. Improve your listening skills (great practice for conversing with your husband and children)

  9. Actively avoid mindless entertainment

  10. Become more inspired and empowered, and find encouragement in deepening your relationship with God.

  11. Reduce feeling lonely or isolated

  12. Increase your wisdom

  13. Access info you'd not otherwise be able to find on TV or the radio

  14. Feed your mind during downtime

  15. Reduce self-doubt

  16. New content is uploaded frequently, but it is also easy to find old content to relisten

46 Christian Mom Podcasts (As Recommended by Real Christian Moms)

I've talked with hundreds of Christian moms to discover what their favorite podcasts are to listen to on topics ranging from Bible study, faith-based parenting, practical advice, intentional living, and overall Christian motherhood.

The best podcasts for Christian moms to listen to and understand the Word, as recommended by devout Christian moms, include:

  1. Faith Breathed Hope Podcast

  2. Abundantly Rooted Podcast
  3. Faithful Life Podcast
  4. The Pure Flix Podcast
  5. Marriage After God Podcast
  6. At Home with Sally Clarkson and Friends
  7. The Busy Mom Podcast
  8. Off The Bench with Heidi St. John
  9. Don't Mom Alone Podcast
  10. The Risen Motherhood Podcast
  11. By Faith Podcast
  12. She Found Joy Podcast
  13. Happy Hour Podcast
  14. Praying Christian Women Podcast
  15. The Flower Mound Women's Bible Study Podcast
  16. All God's Women Podcast
  17. Grace for My Home Podcast
  18. The Knowing Faith Podcast
  19. The Next Right Thing Podcast
  20. The Proverbs 31 Podcast
  21. Living Proof Podcast
  22. The Daily Grace Podcast
  23. Mom Strong Bible Study
  24. Courageous Parenting with Isaac and Angie Tolpin
  25. The Open Door Sisterhood
  26. Relatable by Allie Beth Stuckey
  27. The Durenda Wilson Podcast
  28. Back Porch Theology by Lisa Harpers
  29. The Monica Swanson Podcast
  30. Practically Speaking Mom
  31. Birds on a Wire with Karen Stubbs
  32. The Natasha Crain Podcast
  33. Fierce Parenting

  34. Mom to Mom
  35. Mama Bear Apologetics
  36. Coffee and Crumbs
  37. Two Sisters and A Cup of Tea Podcast
  38. Joyful Journey Podcast
  39. Pardon Th eMess by Cynthia Yahof
  40. Dare to Be with Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambell
  41. Women Encouraged by Bethany Barendregt
  42. Java with Julie
  43. Verity with Phylicia Masonheimer
  44. Let's Talk with Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger, and Jasmine Holmes
  45. Focus on Parenting Podcast by Danny Huerta and John Fuller
  46. Faith and Family Podcast by Dr. Michael Tatonetti

Faith Breathed Hope Podcast

Tough times have been there, and sometimes they can slow down your life, thanks to Kristina Risinger, who shares the “Faith Breathed Hope Podcast.” Kristina aims to inspire and motivate you through other people’s stories. 

Through these stories, you get to know your God-intended purpose on earth, and your hope gets renewed amid tough times.

Consequently, your faith shoots, you let go of all fear, and you begin taking the necessary steps toward your divine purpose.

Abundantly Rooted Podcast

Kristina Risinger also hosts the “Abundantly Rooted Podcast,” which focuses on difficult life topics. On the show, Kristina and others discuss God’s word, making it the tool of victory against all life's battles.

Consequently, everyone can hope again and face life confidently, wearing God's full armor.

Faithful Life Podcast

Matt and Lisa Jacobson offer the “Faithful Life Podcast,” focusing on being a biblical Christian in Marriage, Parenting, Church, and Culture. Each episode discusses a vital topic and explores what The Word says about it.

They dive into topics like sex, purity, growing as a married couple, difficult parenting issues, being a biblical Christian in a fallen world, etc.

The Pure Flix Podcast

The Pure Flix Podcast” provides weekly episodes covering interviews with pastors and celebrities, providing insight and inspiration while previewing upcoming faith-based, family-friendly entertainment. 

Marriage After God Podcast

The “Marriage After God Podcast” discusses relevant marriage topics to inspire couples to chase after God together.

The “Marriage After God Podcast” discusses relevant marriage topics to inspire couples to chase after God together. In these weekly Christian podcasts, Jennifer Smith and Aaron discuss issues that help Christian couples build their home together while fully fixing their eyes on God.

They discuss marriage transformation and sustenance, self-discrepancy, forgiveness, etc.

At Home With Sally Clarkson & Friends

Sally Clarkson provides a faith-based podcast to encourage women and families.

Sally’S family has overcome the obstacles many fail to overcome today. Her family has overcome all odds; hence it stays united and has a deep family fellowship. A common legacy of perfection governs the family under a common faith.

Many have sought to know how her family came together. This birthed the best Christian podcasts that other moms can listen to and learn. Sally shares the Christian podcasts for moms to bring their families together by dining together and holding regular fellowships.

The Monica Swanson Podcast

The Monica Swanson Podcast” by Crystal Paine primarily focuses on time management. Also known as the “Money-Saving Mom,” Monica offers the best Christian podcasts for busy moms struggling to manage their time.

Monica has six kids but still manages to rest when she gets exhausted. Besides, she keeps her marriage standing without neglecting her relationship with God.

Therefore, she shares her life experience to help other moms become successful time managers.

She is the author of “The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most.”

Off the Bench With Heidi St. John

The “Off The Bench with Heidi St. John podcast” focuses on the life and its connection to culture and faith.

So, her podcasts focus on almost everything you may think of, for example, politics, marriage, sex, parenting, religion, culture, and faith.  

Heidi, the host, is also a speaker and a best-selling author. 

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

Heather Macfadyen hosts the “Don't Mom Alone Podcast,” which targets the Christian mom. 

She connects moms with resources and other people so that they can know that they aren’t alone. 

Her guests are often award-winning authors, mothering experts, and parenting experts. Sponsors are also her seasonal guests. They provide goods and services which are key in aiding moms to be God-centered. 

Don't Mom Alone also helps moms navigate parenthood challenges and inspires them to feel more capable, confident, and worthy.

Her weekly Christian podcasts discuss topics on grief, anxiety, obedience, prayers, missions, newborns, friendships, pregnancy, wisdom, and mentorship, among other vital issues. Occasionally, Heather holds bible study sessions to help you understand the word.

The Risen Motherhood Podcast

The Risen Motherhood Podcast is a 20-minute podcast co-hosted by Emily Jenson and Laura Wifler and focuses on providing moms with refreshing Gospel truths to inspire hope in everyday life.

They provide thoughtful perspectives for moms raising young children. Their casual conversations are great reminders and biblical truths while covering practical topics.

By Faith Podcast, by Christine Hoover

Christine Hoover provides deep yet practical wisdom, honoring biblical values in the interviews hosted in her “Ministry Wives Podcast.”

Christine is a ministry wife who encourages other ministry women by giving them practical ministry advice. She offers the best Christian podcasts for ministry women who need hope and perspective.  

Christine and her hosts share their real-life experiences, the joys, and the challenges they deal with daily. Through these podcasts, other women in ministry get strengthened and uplifted in faith while in their line of duty. 

She Found Joy Podcast

The She Found Joy podcast by Lauren Gaskill shares various inspiring interviews that help you feel not so alone in your everyday struggles. Some of her specific topics include People Pleasing, Finding Rest, and Battling Chronic Illness. 

The Happy Hour Podcast

In The Happy Hour podcast, Jamie Ivey interviews Christian women about how God has worked in their lives. Jamie's conversations inspire laughter and tears while listening to her personal story of redemption while connecting with and encouraging women as they journey through life.

Praying Christian Women Podcast

Praying Christian Women brings today’s Christian women from all backgrounds together as award-winning authors Alana Terry and Jaime Hampton discuss what it means to be a woman of prayer in modern times. Their podcasts focus on encouraging and inspiring you with practical tips and simple suggestions to deepen your prayers.

The Flower Mound Women's Bible Study Podcast

Jen Wilkin hosts “The Flower Mound Women's Bible Study Podcast.” She is a mother of four and a bible teacher. She advocates for Christian women to study God’s word so as to love God through their minds.

She also encourages women to genuinely have faith in God which helps them to submit to his will. Jen is the author of “Women in the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds” and “Sermon on the Mount.”

All God's Women Podcast

Sharon Wilharm hosts the “All God’s Women podcast,” geared to reveal the female characters in the bible to learn from them. 

The Bible does not identify all the bible women by their names, but the characters these women possess and their stories could help overcome 21st-century life challenges. 

Grace for My Home Podcast

You cannot give what you do not have, so as a kingdom mom, you must grow in faith to help your kids grow in theirs. The “Grace for My Home podcast,” by Audrey McCracken, helps your faith grow so the same seed can grow in your kids. 

Audrey, a mum encourager, helps Christian moms live Spirit-led lives, sowing the truth and hearing directly from God. Consequently, parenting becomes easy even in the most difficult moments of life.  

By listening to Audrey’s podcasts, you’ll understand God’s plan for you and your family and bring up kingdom kids that will impact the world. Audrey believes God has already provided everything you need for effective parenting. Hers, therefore, is to hold your hand and help you fulfill God’s mandate in your life. 

The Knowing Faith Podcast

With co-hosts JT English and Kyle Worley, Jen Wilkin hosts “The Knowing Faith Podcast.” 

Knowing Faith is not just a kingdom mom podcast; it’s for everyone. It sounds fun discussing the bible with friends and going through the Christian stories, practices, and beliefs to enlighten the church on the foundations of its faith.

Jen and the co-hosts discuss salvation, Christianity, theology, etc. 

The Next Right Thing Podcast

The Next Right Thing Podcast” uses the perfect tagline: “Making room for your soul to breathe.” This Christian podcast by Emily P. Freeman is for every mom struggling to make the right decisions. 

During a transition, decision-making can be tricky and overwhelming. The same applies to the waiting season. So, if you’re hesitant or uncertain of the next best move, listen to Emily’s Christian podcasts. 

Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

Lysa Terkeurst uses her Proverbs 31 Podcast to inspire you to apply biblical wisdom to your current season of life and help you to learn to value the people around you who are in different seasons by finding common ground in your struggles. 

Living Proof Podcast

Author and Speaker Beth Moore uses her Living Proof Ministry and experience as a writer and teacher to encourage you to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ through studying Scripture. Her Living Proof Ministries Podcast and Bible Study both have the same level of quality and inspiration that provides valuable assets to moms

The Daily Grace Podcast

Daily Grace encourages and equips women to seek God in His Word through deep Bible studies, sound doctrine, and rich theology. They invite women to join them in conversations about God and to be encouraged to seek deeper knowledge. 

Mom Strong Bible Study

The “mom strong bible study podcast” by Heidi is an online platform where women hold fellowships and bible study every week. The ministry also participates in scripture writing. 

The Bible study aims at aiding women to seek Godly guidance when faced with, for example, struggles and fears. It’s a great online ministry for women’s groups, too. 

Courageous Parenting With Isaac and Angie Tolpin

Isaac & Angie Tolphin share a bible based “Courageous Parenting podcast” weekly. They strive to help parents raise confident Christian kids by teaching them biblical truths. They major in discipleship, pornography, self-control, family, obedience, marriage, purity, bible-time, education, and relationships.  

The Open Door Sisterhood

The long-time friends Krista Gilbert & Alexandra Kuykendall share “The Open Door Sisterhood podcasts,” which strives to equip moms and other listeners by encouraging them to take a bold step towards what feels challenging. 

Plus, encourage others to take the same bold step. In their episodes, Krista and Alexandra discuss leadership, faith, and motherhood topics. 

Relatable by Allie Beth Stuckey

Allie Beth Stuckey shares the “Relatable by Allie Beth Stuckey podcasts,” which focus on news, politics, theology, and culture. She strives to apply scriptural wisdom in her podcasts while entertaining her listeners. 

The Durenda Wilson Podcast

After gaining much experience from homeschooling her nine kids, “The Durenda Wilson Podcast” shares practical advice on homeschooling and how best to walk the motherhood journey. 

From the freedom she gained through walking with the Lord for many tears, Durenda Wilson offers podcasts for Christians based on biblical truth.

Back Porch Theology by Lisa Harpers

The “Lisa Harper's Back Porch Theology podcast” offers theological anthropology. Lisa also offers the best Christian podcasts on Spanx, Jesus, the benefits of Tex-Mex, and biblical orthodoxy, among other subjects based on faith.

The Monica Swanson Podcast

From her motherhood journey, Monica, through “The Monica Swanson Podcast,” helps Christian women to raise their kids guided by God’s word. Monica offers the best Christian mom podcasts for raising amazing kids in a strong family setup. 

Her honest and humorous interviews with parents and experts in various fields are resourceful in parenting.

She offers deeper knowledge on how to build great, faith-based families through her great podcast. 

Practically Speaking Mom

Val Harrison encourages every woman, including busy moms, to plan through the “Practically Speaking Mom podcast.” Val offers intentional living advice to moms who feel drained while trying to provide their families with the best spiritual and physical health lifestyle. 

She has a glorious calling to help every busy mom plan every stage of parenting appropriately, starting with babies to adulthood. Her weekly podcast discusses the six areas every intentional mom should focus on.  

Birds on a Wire With Karen Stubbs

The weekly “Birds on a Wire with Karen Stubbs podcast” helps Christian women to walk through the motherhood path God’s way. Karen shares podcasts for Christian moms who feel like the parenthood journey is tough due to the life challenges and everyday busy schedules. 

Her podcast focuses on parenting topics, including rightfully disciplining kids and encouraging teens to have healthy, bible-guided dates. 

The Natasha Crain Podcast

The Natasha Crain Podcast” helps Christian women raise their kids guided by God’s word and the Holy Spirit. 

Consequently, they evade the secular world's deception and confusion. 

Natasha, who is also a motivational speaker, offers a perfect podcast that is biblically based. It helps every Christian mom to view apologetics, parenting, worldviews, and culture the way God desires.   

Fierce Parenting

Ryan and Selena Frederick share the “Fierce Parenting podcast” humorously and transparently for the Christian mom to gain knowledge on how to parent her kids as God intended. All new episodes are an encouragement and advice to equip and shape every parent to center parenting on God’s word.  

Mom to Mom

After going through several parenthood seasons, the “mom to mom podcast” answers mothers' questions regarding parenting. 

The three moms admit not having answers to everyday life parenting questions, but they certainly will point every Christian mom in the right direction for solutions and answers. 

Mama Bear Apologetics

Hillary Morgan Ferrer and Amy Davison offer the “Mama Bear Apologetics podcast” to help moms teach kids how to defend their faith. It doesn’t sound fun when an adapted, spiritual, or biological kid begins questioning his faith. 

Mama Bear shares episodes for moms to know how to teach their kids about faith subjects, helping them understand it better to defend it and love Jesus strongly. 

Coffee and Crumbs

Hosted by Jill Atogwe, Katie Blackburn, and Ashlee Gadd, the “Coffee and Crumbs podcast” focuses on the woman’s kitchen life, the stroller walks with her baby, the cleaning, and every day’s carpool job. 

In their podcasts for Christian moms, the trio shares stories to help every woman feel loved, treasured, cared for, and safe. Through these Christian podcasts, moms also learn to incorporate creativity while bringing up their kids. 

Two Sisters and a Cup of Tea Podcast

Based in different countries, Felicity and Sarah share the “Two Sisters and A Cup of Tea Podcast.” They offer the best church podcasts for thorough bible study, helping believers apply biblical truth in their everyday lives. 

They build your spiritual health by walking you through a new bible passage or book in the weekly episodes. Consequently, even busy moms, small groups, and theologians can listen, experience spiritual growth, and pass the button to their kids.  

Joyful Journey Podcast

Janet Aucoin and Jocelyn Wallace share the “Joyful Journey Podcast” for women to find their valuable inner wisdom. The podcasts for Christian moms encourage and challenge women to apply the word in motherhood, yielding pure joy and Godly contentment. 

While busy with family life, a mom understands her divine call and makes wise decisions based on who she wants to be. 

Pardon the Mess by Cynthia Yahof

Keeping the focus on parenting topics, “Padon the Mess by Cynthia Yahof podcast” shares the challenges and the God-taught lessons on parenthood. Not only is it a motherhood podcast, but even fathers can enjoy and learn from the biblical-based, humorous, and raw episodes. 

Dare To Be With Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambell

Basing their “Dare to Be with Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambell podcast” on the Holy Scriptures, the two friends aim to help women to become each other’s support systems. In their episodes, Charlotte and Natalie encourage women to maximize their abilities in the Lord. 

Giving practical examples, they help women stand above past struggles and hindrances and become who God wants them to be. 

Women Encouraged by Bethany Barendregt

Bethany shares the “Women Encouraged by Bethany Barendregt podcast” to encourage mothers to have a better and more intimate relationship with their maker. 

Plus, allowing the word of God to take cause in their lives to help them know their true identity and pursue it. Through this podcast, even a working mom will have a chance to grow in Christ. 

Java With Julie

To find encouragement as a mom, look out for new episodes of the “Java with Julie podcast.” Working and stay-at-home moms can listen and learn how to talk to their kids about intimacy, sex, pornography, life issues, addiction, and singleness based on God’s word. 

Verity With Phylicia Masonheimer

The Verity with Phylicia Masonheimer podcast, by a well-known, best-selling author and motivational speaker, offers faith-based content to help women become ‘theologians’ and firmly defend their faith and grow in it. 

Also, a theologian, Phylicia, focuses on the culture from a biblical view. Her podcast will help you become more productive, grow in bible knowledge, and handle sexual subjects with your kids rightfully and without fear. 

Let's Talk With Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger, and Jasmine Holmes

Purely keeping their eyes on women, “Let's Talk podcast,” Jasmine, Jackie, and Melissa discuss various life topics guided by the scripture. The Gospel Coalition Podcast Network episodes will help you genuinely love God and walk the walk of faith with your family. 

Focus On Parenting Podcast by Danny Huerta and John Fuller

Danny Huerta and John Fuller discuss kids' personalities in the “Focus on Parenting Podcast.” They emphasize how kids have a unique identity in the body of Christ based on their unique personalities. The episodes also focus on the kid’s physical and spiritual health, school life, and how they can thrive. 

Faith and Family Podcast by Dr. Michael Tatonetti

Dr. Michael and his wife, Lysandra Tatonetti, host the “Faith and Family podcast,” which is based on their experiences. 

Basing their parenthood, marriage, and general life matters on God’s word, their experiences with kids and each other are eye-openers to every mom aiming at parenting the God’s way!  

Is There a Bible Study Podcast

Yes, there’s a bible study podcast. For example,  there are annual podcasts that help you read and study the bible in 365 days. Some go the extra mile by providing bible commentaries, reflections, and prayers based on the day's verse. 

Considering the daily struggles we face when raising our kids, not to mention the tight schedules, it can be challenging to do bible study. An annual or weekly podcast eases bible studies. 

Through it, you get a better understanding of the bible's truth. Consequently, applying biblical revelation and knowledge in daily activities becomes easy as a Christian mom. 

So, which are these bible study podcasts?

  • By Faith Podcast
  • Living Proof Podcast
  • The Proverbs 31 Podcast
  • The Daily Grace Podcast
  • Mom Strong Bible Study
  • All God's Women Podcast
  • Two Sisters and a Cup of Tea Podcast
  • The Flower Mound Women's Bible Study Podcast

Which Podcast Is Your Favorite?

Podcasts are great tools to enrich your life and help save your sanity, grow your faith, understand you're not alone, improve your relationships, and gain other useful ideas to help with everyday life.

We would love to hear which podcast is your favorite. Do you know of one that isn't listed? Leave a comment or message us.

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